[Austin, Texas] The new addition

A year later, this growing family is enjoying their adorable new addition. I had the joy of photographing all of them for the second time, which might mean we’re making it a yearly holiday tradition!

On this slightly chilly and incredibly sunny winter morning, we took to the park. Her son hammed it up for the camera again, while her daughter proved to be pretty sophisticated little lady in front of the lens.


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    [Darlington, Wisconsin] My other family

    We’re so similar, that I often feel like I am an extension of Penelope. She has become my other family, and I treasure her two sons as if they were my own kin. I’ve watched them grow up in front of my eyes and in front of my camera. So much so, that when they’re adults, they are likely to see my face as a lens in their memories.

    Here we are, on the farm, for my second Thanksgiving with them.

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      [Austin, Texas] A Growing Family

      Kim is a dedicated reader of Penelope Trunk (where my photographs are often featured) who also happens to live in Austin, Texas. When she contacted me about the possibility of doing some portraits her soon-to-be family of four, her only request was for the photos to be natural and candid. I assured her that this is my specialty.

      We headed to the park on a unusually brisk Saturday morning – forty degrees! – with her husband and high energy, super talkative three-year-old. The morning light was gorgeous and the results were, well, I’ll let you judge for yourself below. But let’s say this – Kim was weepy when she saw them!

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        [Darlington, Wisconsin] Kelli + Andrew: Married!

        In a small town of only 2,000 people, when the daughter of the principal gets married, it’s a big affair –– big as in, 500 guests! And that’s just the number of people who crammed in to watch the ceremony. Afterwards, another couple of hundred people showed up, spilling out of the barn into grass yard by the nearby cornfields to celebrate with these two lovely newlyweds.

        Despite the treacherous black clouds and sudden downpour that soaked the area shortly they walked down the aisle, the show went on. When the couple walked out of the barn as man and wife, into gorgeous sunshine and puffy white clouds, they literally jumped for joy.

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          [Chicago, Illinois] Cello Camp by Suzuki

          I spent a week with Penelope Trunk in Chicago, where her son was attending cello camp by Suzuki. At five years old, he was spending five hours a day playing his beloved cello. I captured a few shots of him at practice and at play –– more can be found in Penelope’s post titled “My Accidental Vacation.”

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